At Amrita Bhoomi, our mission is to create models of rural autonomy and self-respect. We promote the principles of Swaraj based on food sovereignty, agroecological self-reliant farming, seed sovereignty, and rural enterprises. We envision a form of development that is socially just, respects Mother Earth, and creates dignity and equality for all.

A dependence on external markets and expensive corporate inputs has led to acute indebtedness among farmers and an epidemic of farmers suicides. Indebtedness has plagued most farm families, irrespective of size, and even middle and large farmers have been reduced to penury. There is a mass exodus from the countryside to the city. Hundreds of millions of families have already left their land to seek better fortune in the city, where their knowledge and skills are not valued, and where they are forced to live in precarious conditions.

At AmritabhoomiWe put farmers first.

The Conventional farming model promoted by agribusiness, their focus on market-oriented monoculture crops, and synthetic chemicals have had severe ecological and social impacts. The productive base of farming, especially soils and biodiversity is being damaged. Globally, upto 30% of green house gas emissions have come from such forms of agriculture. On the social front, apart from the increasing debt, hunger and diseases have increased. Over 40% of Indian children are malnourished, and pesticide related diseases are rampant. A rise in agribusiness led junk/fast food are another major cause of diseases like obesity, diabetes, and others. We need to shift the food system towards biodiversity and ecological sustainability. We need to bring poison-free food to everyone’s plates, and put the livelihoods of farmers, workers, and rural communities at the heart of the food system.

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